Charity Moss
Counselling in Kingston Upon Thames

Why counselling?

There may be many reasons why you might be considering counselling. You may be experiencing a major life event, personal crisis or challenge and may be finding it difficult to work through this on your own.

Counselling is useful for anyone who is interested in exploring their inner thoughts and feelings and wishing to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater level of self awareness.

Events in our childhood can have a great influence on our adult lives, especially in terms of how we relate to others. As children we develop strategies for dealing with the world around us based on the beliefs we have about ourselves. As we grow and develop into adulthood these coping mechanisms can sometimes become problematic and can often be seen in our interaction with others. We can also inherit certain ways of being from our care givers, some of which don’t really belong to us or serve us particularly well.

Counselling can help to explore these and help you to think, do these really belong to me? Or, are they still helpful to me? Talking this through with a counsellor can give you an opportunity to consider what can and what cannot be changed and in turn bring a greater level of acceptance to your life.

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